Completely unaware of the video camera quietly recording the last moments before her wedding, Beth is lost in her thoughts as she dreams of everything that is about to unfold. Later, she will be startled by how little she remembers. Fortunately, she will be able to relive every precious moment and feel all the excitement and joy over and over through her Phyllis Marsh wedding video.
We Keep Copies

We keep dual masters of your video at our studio, plus the artwork and layout for the label and box covers.  Call us in the future to obtain additional copies of your wedding videos at reasonable prices.

Someday with changing technology, you will probably need to ask us to transfer your video to the new media.

We'll be there for you for many years.
Our Core Values ...
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We do not "double-book" dates.

We do not “double-book” dates.

You are our sole focus on your wedding day.  We never have, and never will book more than one wedding for a date.

When you book Phyllis and Case Marsh, you will get Phyllis and Case.

You will get Phyllis and Case

We do not use associates, assistants or sub-contractors for your wedding day coverage or editing. We have more experience than any other wedding videographer in the area and take great pride in our personal approach; do not trust your wedding video with anyone else!

We have an open-door policy.


Even though "90% of the total video quality equation has nothing to do with hardware, software, or format," it is often important in the customers' minds. Thus, it is important to us. We're not hardware junkies, but we are not afraid to upgrade when it makes sense to meet customer expectations. We estimate that our equipment costs exceed $350 per wedding.

We employ truly professional, high-def, widescreen cameras optimized for wedding video--low light; three chip, CMOS; full manual or automatic controls; professional level audio; redundant solid state and tape recording, etc. And we know how to use our cameras effectively.

We use low-wattage, fully dimmable, LED lights sparingly.

Audio is captured with UHF wireless microphones, augmented by small solid state recorders. The groom typically wears redundant wireless mics, and the solid state recorders are scattered around to catch all the other important audio.

Every wedding video is composed of hundreds and hundreds of carefully considered edits, and Phyllis is a master editor. Editing a wedding video is typically a 40-hour detail oriented task. Full-featured Grass Valley Edius editing systems give us every capability needed to turn raw camera footage into entertaining, fun-to-watch movies that are "just like real TV."

We create detailed menus for you to navigate to any part of your video instantly on our Blu-ray and DVD production systems. Finally we create beautiful, custom direct-printed disc labels on a robotic disc printer and custom storage box inserts on inkjet and color laser printers

We are a valuable member of each wedding team.

We do NOT produce "cookie-cutter" videos.

We have shot and produced over 700 wedding videos.


We will be more than just your videographers; we will be team players on your wedding team.  We will seek to establish working relationships with the other vendors; e.g., the clergy, DJ and especially the photographer. On your wedding day, we will take the initiative to lend a helping hand in any way we can.

We use the "belt and suspenders" approach.

Fail-Safe Practices

We have only one chance to capture each special moment of your wedding day. That's why we practice the "belt and suspenders" approach to wedding video-- redundancy and fail-safe practices. Nothing is left to chance.

Every major event is covered by two camera operators on both tape and flash memory cards. For the ceremony, at least one lockdown camera is also recording everything.

The groom wears dual wireless mics. Small solid-state audio recorders are strategically placed to pick up what the wireless and on-cam mics cannot.

We carry backups for everything. Cameras, mics, batteries, just to name a few.

We are always in touch with each other by unobtrusive 2-way radios.

We are as unobtrusive as possible.

We respect our customers' beliefs, traditions and "house rules."

We have videotaped weddings and receptions involving many beliefs and traditions. Thus, we have the experience to anticipate and capture their important elements and nuances. We also respect and willingly operate within any rules and boundaries imposed by these beliefs and traditions.  "It’s about YOU"…not us.

We do what's right.

Unique Wedding Video

You can be certain that your wedding video will be unique.  Every one of our productions is tailored to our client’s needs and personality as well as to the specific events of the day.

While we have several set packages to choose from, almost all of our customers choose to design their own packages.  Phyllis will be very flexible in creating a package that suits your wants and needs.

We deliver on archive quality, scratch resistant DVD and Blu-ray media.

Open-Door Policy

From our first meeting with you through the delivery of your wedding video, we encourage you to contact us and visit our studio as often as needed.  We want to get to know you to best understand your wants and expectations so we can deliver a video that is perfectly tailored to YOU.


We keep dual masters of every video in our studio indefinitely.

We use professional equipment specifically selected for wedding video.

Phyllis Marsh Productions - Fine wedding video for the Eastern Shore, Delmarva Peninsula, Maryland and Delaware

29247 Woodridge Drive, Easton, Maryland 21601


High Quality

We use premium grade media to produce your DVDs and Blu-ray discs that are specially coated to resist scratching and are also rated for archival-grade service.

We print your graphical labels directly on the media, which avoids problems caused by stick-on labels.

One of the biggest misconceptions about wedding video is that it is "intrusive."  This may be true with inexperienced or hack videographers, but not with us. Good videographers are even less intrusive than photographers. (No Flashes or Equipment Noise!)

We know how to use our equipment effectively and have found that there is always a strategy available that doesn't require us to be "in your face" or cause distractions.

We have also selected our equipment to minimize our impact on the day.  For instance, our cameras have long lenses and good low-light performance.
Most Experienced

Since 1990, we have taped over 600 weddings and receptions of every type and style imaginable.  Experience has taught us how to get the best coverage, even under the most restrictive conditions.  We can anticipate and spot those “video moments" and react quickly to the unexpected.  We know how to effectively capture the emotions that will continue to warm hearts for years to come.